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JULIA - 2013 Senior - Galveston, TX
Saturday, May 25, 2013
JULIA - 2013 Senior - Galveston, TX

Julia wanted something 'a bit different' for her senior photos - nothing too posey or dull, just a lot of fun-having by the beach with some retro styling to boot.  Thankfully we got all of that and some: she has personality for miles and was an absolute blast work with.   All of the goofy spontaneity kept me on my toes, so most of our shots were caught on the fly (always a good time) :) 

BROOKE - 2013 Senior - Galveston, TX
Friday, September 14, 2012
JULIA - 2013 Senior - Galveston, TX

  This is my first official 2013 senior post, and boy howdy do we kick it off right.   Brooke wanted to get a look totally different than most senior photos, so that's what we did!  Our goal was to get two different looks, one with a grungy, slightly rebellious feel and another that was fun and retro glam.  We made a mini destination shoot out of it and spent a day shooting in Galveston (on labor day weekend...oops).  It rained a few times but she kept on trucking, along with the small team we brought along to help out.   Speaking of which, these credits are definitely deserved: On location Makeup artist/Hair Stylist*:   Hayli, from ...

Cassady - 2012 Senior Portraits - Magnolia, TX
Thursday, July 26, 2012
JULIA - 2013 Senior - Galveston, TX

Cassady is super cool, and I must say I do tend to like shooting with super cool people.  This shoot was no different.  It even had its fair share of exciting moments, like dodging cars, breaking house rules at one location, and being asked to take photos of a couple out on their 'anniversary date' (I of course obliged).  Long story short, I had to show some of her images.    For those looking for the exclusive 2013 Senior discount I mentioned last week, it's in this post near the end :)        Alright 2013 seniors, here's the deal.  For those of you that want to get a head start on your photoshoot, I'm giving a 25% ...

Garrison - 2012 Senior Portraits, Magnolia, TX
Saturday, July 21, 2012
JULIA - 2013 Senior - Galveston, TX

Garisson plays guitar in a bluesy hardcore/metal band named Jeremiah, rides a motorcycle, and is generally just a cool dude all around.  When he asked if I wanted to shoot motorcycle photos with a southern twang, I just about had a cow.  And by cow, I mean steak.  A big ole tasty steak, to celebrate what an awesome idea he had.  Senior shoots with a theme are always a good time.  Two of the following shots were of him actually riding, and I had to ride in the back of an open van (driven by my awesome brother John) to get them.  Felt pretty adventurous.      If you know Garrison, you probably saw something like this ...

Devynn - 2012 Senior Portraits
Friday, July 20, 2012
JULIA - 2013 Senior - Galveston, TX

This was one of my last 2012 senior sessions and just had to post it up.  Devynn was such a sport - we trudged all over the place, got bug bites, hopped fences, even trespassed...a lot.   We both clearly live on the utter edge of life, and you should not mess with us.Through all of our crazy rebellion we got some awesome images.  I credit Devynn, who made it very easy.