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Wednesday, May 21, 2014
By Daniel Colvin
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One of my favorite aspects of wedding photography is being able to work with a couple from start to finish - getting to know them during the wedding planning, hanging out for a fun engagement session, capturing some beautiful bridals, and documenting the wedding day from morning to night.  It helps me to understand the couple and their relationship, and makes it so that we're old pals by the time the wedding rolls around.  I just love the story behind it all.  

So today I decided to make a big post of snippets from Jessica and Greg's three sessions!    They wanted some natural and fun engagements, fashion focused bridals, and a mix of everything for the wedding day.  They're awesome folks with adorable dogs, and are a great example of the variety and personality I selfishly love to shoot :)  

{ engagements }


(these are their dogs btw, not them)




{ bridals }








{ wedding day }






Wednesday, June 12, 2013
By Daniel Colvin
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Last year I posted up some engagement images from my session with Amanda and Brent:

Amanda and Brent Engagements  (The Woodlands, TX)

Today, I'm proud to show a small selection from their beautiful wedding day!