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Wednesday, November 27, 2013
By Daniel Colvin
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I had the privilege of working with Laura and Bryan a few months ago, and shared a handful of their images as sneak peeks on my Facebook page.   After revisiting, I decided to make a full blog post - they were incredible to work with (Bryan was a trooper through all our photo shenanigans and Laura is seriously just the nicest person ever), unabashed in their love for eachother, for a wedding that was just so beautifully genuine. 

Venue:  Pecan Springs, Brookshire, TX

Planning:  De'Vine Events

This was her gift to a him - a journal that she had been writing to him for a year (he found out on the wedding day):

Mother of the Groom talking with the Groom, early in the day:

{  The stars in Brookshire are breathtaking, and made for quite a nice way to end the night  }