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Thursday, January 29, 2015
By Daniel Colvin Photography
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I'm so thankful for old friends and new families.    

I'm also humbled - humbled that I get welcomed into their lives, that I'm given the privilege of documenting them at their most dolled up, most casual, most goofy, most intimate, most real.  

Jessica and Lane are two truly special people, and I'm not just throwing those words out because it seems nice to put on a blog post. Lane is the sweetest guy you'll ever meet and well on his way to becoming a rockstar doctor, and Jessica is a talented actress and all-around fascinating renaissance woman.  They're both incredibly bright, quick witted, just the right amount of childish, thoroughly well traveled, and persistently, effortlessly kind.  I have no doubt they're going to be amazing parents, and I'm so excited to see them grow as a new family.

It was an absolute blast hanging out with them at their home in New Orleans and capturing a slice of their home life (and I don't mean the pumpkin cinnamon buns, though they were definitely life changing).  Once again, I'm thankful: for Jessica and Lane as friends, for life in small pieces, and for the opportunity to journal times like this through photographs.  

Much love y'all :)